Fantasy Dimensions is a website that is designed to deliver a unique experience with Japan’s anime. Most other review sites take a serious approach to anime, calling down flaws and comparing it directly to anime from other genres. Here at Fantasy Dimensions we look to give a personalized view on both anime reviews and news.

Our reviews and news are designed to be easier to read by using everday words, proper spelling and grammer, and the truth. We won’t lie about a show, although reviews are opinion based. If we found a show to be entertaining, then we’ll give it a good review and tell you why. If we found a show not to be entertaining, no matter the hype, we’ll give it a bad review and tell you why.

We aim to provide you with the tools needed in choosing what anime to purchase by your tastes or to just provide you with entertainment.

So bookmark us and visit often for great news, reviews, and other forms of awesome entertainment!

One a kind of different note, we also cover video games and random gadgets that we find to fit a general theme of “anime and modern pop culture.” So we’ll talk about random things that may interest you and might be a bit outside of just anime and games, but it’ll be appropriate and we’re sure you’ll like it.

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