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Trading Post Scams in Guild Wars 2

In Guild Wars 2 there is an easy way to lose money, both buying and selling on the trading post. Selling, believe it or not, is the worse offender. You’ll get a new piece of gear and think, boy I bet this would sell like bananas on the trading post, and then bam you’re listing it. What’s the catch? It’s 1 copper above the vendor price.

Trading Post “Scams”

GW2 Trading Post Scams

As you can see, 63 copper is the vendor price, there are 248 listings with the lowest at 64 copper. Listing fee is 3 copper. So, you’ll lose 2 copper on the transaction. For pieces worth more, the listing fee is higher and let’s not forget the TP takes a cut! You’ll make 55 copper on an item you could sell for 63 copper. You can use the TP Calc to figure out what profit you’ll make on the trading post.

Nuts, isn’t it? You have to be careful and double check before you list, because on top of that you’ll have to wait for your item to sell. This same principle applies to items for sale on the Trading Post. No one can list for less than vendor, so everything for sale is above vendor price.

Now on the buying side of things, be on the lookout for chests. They’ll be chests and loot bags for sale, but the return might not be what you think. An exotic chest may give you rares and well, that leather skin you bought may be worth way less than the result – so do your research before gambling.

Other Scams in GW2

Of course, scams aren’t just contained in the trading post. Watch out for map chat and the offers – always compare on the TP. There is no reason to sell an item on the map chat unless you’re wanting to cut the Trading Post out of it and EVEN THEN, there is NO SECURE WAY right now to trade, so you can be taken very easily (both buying and selling). So buyer/sell beware! Just list it on the TP, it’s actually cross-server, so you’ll have way more customers than the 100 or so people in Lion’s Arch.

The other standard advice applies – if it’s too good to be true, it is. So don’t fall for too big of a bargain and be careful “flipping” on the TP, you may buy a ton of items and there may be no interest in them, test the waters before you commit.

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