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Code Geass Season 3 On The Way? CODE GEASS R3??

Code Geass Season 3 might be on the way OMFGWTF. The anime season has been REALLY REALLY on the down lately, like, seriously, nothing but moe garbage. ANN reports that a third season of Code Geass is in the works. I have to ask though, can Sunrise pull it off? I DON’T KNOW


I can only imagine the plot will be about. There was that awesome image posted awhile back that was really cool and pretty much made sense if Zero/Lelouch was frozen and reawoken in the future. He was killed at the end, but was he IN THE BUGGY? WHY YES, YES HE WAS or they’re not even going to use the characters and just the story and it’ll be about someone else and feel ackward and LAME.

Fanservice though is everything. Well, if it comes out, I’ll cover it again, because I LOVE CODE GEASS. In the meantime I’m going to play flash games. If anyone has a decent current season anime they think I should watch post a comment, otherwise I’m going to feel bad and watch real life T.V. which isn’t nearly as cool.

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