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Code Geass Season 3 On The Way? CODE GEASS R3??

Code Geass Season 3 might be on the way OMFGWTF. The anime season has been REALLY REALLY on the down lately, like, seriously, nothing but moe garbage. ANN reports that a third season of Code Geass is in the works. I have to ask though, can Sunrise pull it off? I DON’T KNOW


I can only imagine the plot will be about. There was that awesome image posted awhile back that was really cool and pretty much made sense if Zero/Lelouch was frozen and reawoken in the future. He was killed at the end, but was he IN THE BUGGY? WHY YES, YES HE WAS or they’re not even going to use the characters and just the story and it’ll be about someone else and feel ackward and LAME.

Fanservice though is everything. Well, if it comes out, I’ll cover it again, because I LOVE CODE GEASS. In the meantime I’m going to play flash games. If anyone has a decent current season anime they think I should watch post a comment, otherwise I’m going to feel bad and watch real life T.V. which isn’t nearly as cool.

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  1. Cloud


  2. jon

    Cloud your wrong thats a manga that is coming out in januray and has nothing to dude with lelouch of the rebellion and the plot takes place in the 1600′s. other than that i heard rumors about code geass r3 too let hope

  3. cedrick tono

    code geass R2 of final episode 25 lelouch is dead right but is not true it was sayoko in disguise as lelouch if you see lelouch is not dead you just watch the last scene you see lelouch and C.C said RIGHT LELOUCH C.C he was talking to lelouch and lelouch he was driving the horse you see lelouch wear a hat and mask PLS. WATCH THE LAST SCENE OF CODE GEASS R2 EPISODE 25 IN ZIIMEDIA.COM PLS.WATCH

  4. cedrick tono

    Ihave a video of lelouch is alive you just type on youtube Le louch is alive

  5. That COULD be Lelouch, or that could be someone else. It’s open to interpretation.

  6. Zero Sama

    Lelouch is Dead, the video on youtube is fake.

  7. cedrick tono


  8. looool i seriously suggest that you watch noruto from THE BEGINNING it will really kill time for a person like you and i mean it

  9. the facts

    Heres a fact that people dont seem to notice…when someone close to them dies the person may still talk to them in that matter the fact she said right lelouch could mean she was close to him is all. but…there are other clues he is alive im hoping for season 3 as well idk how the plot is gonna be with a peaceful world though maybe more of an ending romance kinda deal instead of action but who knows.

  10. Aaron

    cedrick tono your wrong because Lelouch is immortal be cuz he stole Charles code which Charles stole V2s code.When Charles shot himself He was simply activating the code(you must die to activate the code).When when Lelouch died he was activating the code.Also before he died he transferd his memories to Nunnally which takes a very powerful code to do thus making him immortal.

  11. Big Millzz

    And when to we get a chance to see the geass code on lelouch’s head? He’s alive, whether he’s helping the same set of characters from R2 or new characters in the future, Face it, Lelouch was the most FKED up character. It was great, they would never really kill him off, and when C.C. gave lelouch geass, he seen her memories, I kind of wonder if Lelouch did not give Nunnally geass also. The story could go 20 different ways. But Lelouch is not dead, he made too much of an impact as a character. Best Hero AND Villian.

  12. Big Millzz

    And why can Charles shoot himself in the head but lelouch can’t get stabbed in the stomach?? Think about facts!

  13. jr

    whether or not there is a third season and i would actually like to see one if they do continue it they very well will destroy the wonderful ending sad as it may be the summation that r2 provided was brilliant and i could live without the continuation

  14. TJ

    ok first off i believe lelouch is alive because he accaired the code from his father and it was activated when he dead which is why Nunnally could see what he was planning when she touched his hands, Secondly Renya of the darkness doesnt have lelouch in it even though that one man looks just like him since the story will take place somewhere between 1603 and 1865 otherwise known as the edo period, so that means lelouch hasnt been born yet

  15. zz

    actually he(charles) didnt kill himself to activate it though i believe that you can activate it after you die. he shot himself because lelouche used the geass on him. right? and i have a guess. what if nunnally didnt really see those memories i mean theres no solid evidence that she saw the memories. i mean the flashback could have represented that nunnally just REALIZED her brothers plans i mean she know who zero really is. i mean like karen figured it out after a few seconds maybe thats what happened to nunnally. and what others are saying are wrong because if the code can only be activated upon death then nunnally couldnt have seen those memories because lelouche was still alive at the time. he talked after the flash back. about worlds. create worlds destroy worlds shit. well just an interpretation. :)

  16. Mr. E.

    I’ve heard there is going to be a new season of code geass coming out in 2011 and one of the immortal people like C.C. and V.V. makes a whole team of people with geass’s designed for combat with ultra advanced Nightmares and they pretty much try to take over everywhere. From a reliable source i heard that one of these geass fighters can make faster anything he touches when he uses their geass. People also say Lelouch got a substitute at the end of R2 when he supposedly dies and he really escaped to China somewhere where he is staying incognito.
    I will probably not reply to any posts after this so i shall be signing off,
    Signed Mister E.

  17. sasori

    u know lelouch is not dead.. it the close ending where lelouch is already stabbed… C.C. said “right lelouch?” it means she pertaining from the driver of cart… the driver dont revealed his face.. if u ar like lelouch how he think .. iys obviously that driver is lelouch… and more of it he possesse his father code.. if u flashback his father is immortal…
    and most of all when nunally touch lelouch the code is criticaly activated..

    so the clue is enlightened when you combined the logic ideas…

  18. sasori

    it the close ending where lelouch is already stabbed… C.C. said “right lelouch?” it means she pertaining from the driver of cart… the driver dont revealed his face.. if u ar like lelouch how he think .. iys obviously that driver is lelouch… and more of it he possesse his father code.. if u flashback his father is immortal…
    and most of all when nunally touch lelouch the code is criticaly activated..

    so the clue is enlightened when you combined the logic ideas…

  19. cedrick tono

    watch lelouch is alive. LINK:
    To Prof that Lelouch is alive Just watch and observe the last scene C.C said right lelouch of episode 25 and watch the cut scene on youtube that i link and compare it and observe.

  20. shin-sama

    it’s true… Lelouch didn’t die, y’know? Lelouch is the driver of the cart. the last ep. was cut by the director… so the viewers will think what did really happen… Lelouch died or not? but the truth is… He is not dead.
    sorry for my english.

  21. shin-sama

    Totally. C.C. and him went to an isolated village so that no one will know them.

  22. YouGuysAreFunnyLOL

    He’s Father have a code means immortal i guess and i think or just say lelouch have it when he uses his geass on his father and his other eye have the same Symbol as Geass that means that Lelouch have his fathers code thats why its called code geass and lol theres a possibility that the maid of lelouch or just say Sayoko is the one that’s been killed but i dont think sayoko will die his half cyborg. :P P.S LELOUCH DID NOT DIE THATS WHY THERES SEASON 3! ANNOUNCED. -.-

  23. EmperorFi

    It was announced by creators that Lelouch had died. Although, there’ll be a character with striking resemblance but so far unknown motive.

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