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Cursed Dungeon Walkthrough / Guide and Review

So, there is a new game up on Kongregate called Cursed Dungeon. It’s a pretty fun game, but we’ve got a few issues. First, the overuse of poser graphics to design the characters / backgrounds. It gives you that horribly gritty ultra fake feel throughout the entire game. It’s pretty annoying because a lot of games these days actually have really well drawn graphics and the age of poser defaults and 3D render backdrops with the default textures ended years ago.

Anyway, it’s pretty annoying graphically and there are a lot better dungeon crawlers out there. However, it has something going for it. That is the most simplified combat system known to mankind. Well, not really, but here is how the game works.

You auto-attack the enemy and can spend “Rage” to use skills. These skills are what tips the battle in your favor. The most important is stun. In most boss fights, the boss will use some ultimate technique (for instance, heal for the Wizard). In that case you’ll need to stun them to stop it. Some of the lesser enemies have strong attacks too, and stun is the quickest cure for it. By the third level, a lot of enemies will have skills, and stun is the best way to deal with it.

You have some other attacks too. Leech, which is great for regenerating some health without using a potion. You have wound, which is a powerful attack and best used during the longer fights. Later in the game you get Head Cracker which is a super powerful hit.

When you level up you get the chance to upgrade your skills. The laws of poorly designed RPGs are in effect which means that haste is always the best stat to take. Since haste is the best skill to take (faster attacks increases DPS dramatically) then the highest damage class is the most important to take, or in other words the Axeman. The Rogue gets a better haste upgrade but at the cost of much lower damage. The Knight gains much more health than the others but meh, you can kill things most of the time before needing it.

The hilarious thing about haste is that it can get so high that you do LESS damage with the abilities that you have to cast vs. just letting auto attack do its thing.

Cursed Dungeon Boss Guide

Okay, get ready to laugh: stun the skills!!!! That’s it. That is ALL you need to do. Hilarious, I know right? The Dragon has a stun and a strong attack. Just stun him instead. The Wizard heals, stun him. The Fallen Demon has a Berserk. Stun him. The Reversal Mirror is to prevent people from jamming all their points into speed. Simply go to town and reset your stats, balance them out.

All bosses can be Wounded, dealing 30% of their health (a massive amount). So be sure to use it as often as possible.

The final boss is a bit harder. He has a heal, stun that, and then he summons monsters. Use the time fighting the monsters to get up enough rage to stun and either wound or head crack him.

So to beat the dragon, wizard, reversal mirror, demon, and necromancer: use stun and potions.

That’s pretty much all there is to this game. The speed perks are really good, if you want to know.

Oh, kind of a cheat for cursed dungeon, but if your potions are maxed out you will get stones instead of potions from the enemies. That’s REALLY helpful.

Another cheat is that you can farm in the first dungeon for as long as you want in the training fight. The stones are much cheaper to buy and you get a ton of gold from achievements. Later on they become much more expensive, meaning that farming and grinding in the first dungeon is the best way to go.

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