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Custom Lol Skins in League of Legends!

Wanting to know where to find custom skins at? Curious about what Custom Skins are? Well, here’s some information you may like to know! 

In League of Legends, if you like to idea of changing your character to a more stylish look that only you can enjoy, then Custom Skins are right down your alley, basically, with Custom Skins for League of Legends, only you can see the change in your character’s skin, but everyone else will see the normal hero skin running around. And best of all, it’s free!

Some custom LoL skins even come with custom particles, custom animations, custom icons, custom art, well, pretty much custom everything! Some people have even redone a character’s image to look completely different than the starting character!

Always remember that other people will not be able to see your custom skin, only you!

If you like the idea of Custom Skins for League of Legends, then head on over to this site: http://leaguecraft.com/skins where you can download a whole bunch of customly created skins for your hero to wear out to the battlefield!

Check these skins out!

White Knight Poppy, Created by ChiZ over at Leaguecraft.com

Samurai Akali Created by ChiZ over at Leaguecraft.com

Ashe Starcraft Ghost Created by KradisZ over at Leaguecraft.com



The creators of these custom skins are no joke, they make extremely detailed skins. And with how many is out at the moment, you’ll be able to get whatever you’re looking for very quickly. I’d say Custom skins are absolutely fantastic if you don’t care about what other people see.

It’s great that League of Legends allowed custom skins to be used in their game, I believe that’s a major part of why this game’s so successful, the customization options available make this game what it is to the majority of the players.

What do you guys think about Custom Skins? What is your favorite League of Legend Custom Skin? Make sure to leave a comment down below!

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