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Cyclomaniacs 2 Walkthrough / Guide

Cyclomaniacs 2 will obviously have badges at some point, so let’s go over how to play the game. It’s exactly like Cyclomaniacs 1, in so much as that it’s a huge grind fest but this time with hardcore annoying voice acting. So, yeah, prepare to suffer a ton and spend forever getting the badges whenever they come out (which they will since this is Cyclomaniacs 2).

UPDATED!! 8/18 and 8/19 the guide is now mostly complete! Locations of riders is added and a walkthrough of the rest of the zones are in!!

LOOKING FOR HOW TO DO STUNTS??? Right below here!!

New stuff is also on page 2!

Cyclomaniacs 2 Guide

Gameplay is simple, use W to speed up (or up arrow key) ad to move and s to stop (or, the arrow keys <>). You need to focus on two main mechanics. The first is that your bike hates you and that you need to avoid touching your drivers body with any part of the terrain, which sends you back to a checkpoint flag. The second is that you need boost to outspeed past the other racers to place anywhere, which means you need to do stunts.

The stunts are as follows:

  • Front Wheelie – Perch your bike on the front wheel.
  • Back Wheelie – Perch your bike on the back wheel.
  • Back Spin – Spin backwards while in the air.
  • Front Spin – Spin frontwards in the air.
  • Invert – The hardest one, spend some time upside down while in the air.
  • Tick Tacks – Move left to right while in the air, not spinning.

What is invert? Well, invert is when you’re upside down in the air and then you return, it’s not a spin, it’s more of a hold yourself in place upside down kind of thing.

What is tick tacks in Cyclomaniacs 2? Well, it’s when you sweep your bike left and then right, like you’re about to spin, but not. Kind of like a rollercoaster. Think about going left a bit, then all the right, before you turn into a spin, head left again. You can chain them rather fast and are good for farming stunt power.

The more stunts that you do the higher your stunt meter goes. The higher the stunt meter the more boost you’ll earn. The more boost = the faster you go. Which on some of the later levels is absolutely needed for Cyclomaniacs 2.

That’s about it for the basics of the game. You can choose your racer which we will outline a little bit below and it affects gameplay slightly. You can also upgrade yourself some, which helps greatly, but unlike other games will not let you instant win. However, you’ll find yourself saving some maps for when you have more cash for upgrades and returning to unlock a racer.

Badge Guide to Cyclomaniacs 2

Okay, so the badges are out, yay!

  • Easy Rider Badge – Unlock 5 riders. Easy.
  • Cartographic Crust Badge – Get first pizza slice. See the track listing below.
  • Unlock 90 total unlockables – Keep racing to unlock things until you have 90 unlocks. You’ll see a ! on maps where there is still things to unlock. Beat the game to unlock A TON of stuff.

Pretty easy badges eh?

Cyclomaniacs 2 Secrets

Before you even start racing, let’s talk secrets. There are a ton of secrets in the game that you might want to unlock just from the start (or for badges) since Cyclomaniacs 2 is HEAVY on secrets. First is the headquarters. Below is an image of various “secret triggers”:

Cyclomaniac 2 Secrets HQ

The minigames are as follows

  • Pizzaroids: Click the power plug next to the T.V. and then open the cabinet. You’ll play a simple game that you’ll need 15,000 points in to unlock Haddock. Some complain about it but *shrug*, max out minigames.
  • FishiBishi: Eat the smaller fish, you’ll go through a level then you’ll get your 5,000 points around the second one to unlock BOFF
  • Catflapper: This one is easy, you’re a falling cat and you can hold the mouse button to glide when you have energy (by eating the birds). You can use the various panels to push you up some then use the mouse to hop off of them, saving you a ton of energy. Anyway 1,200 points unlock Pop Jim.
  • Lava Palava - Easy, just avoid the green stuff and collect the stars. 4,500 gets you Funk Masta Flava.
  • 9Ball – Draw a 9 around the 9 in one motion to get Eightball.

Then there is secrets within the lab too:

Cyclomaniac 2 Secrets Lab

First, press the button on the far left, then where it says “puzzle” press the top middle button then the bottom middle button. Then you can do Brain Training where you’ll need to get some points to unlock The Professor (1,000). Kinda hard. The um, door has a free $200 in it. There is an explosive barrel on the other side, but I don’t think it does anything.

Well, then there is ice cream. We’ll go over Ice Cream locations in the track listing. That’s it for secrets in Cyclomaniacs 2.

Beating Cyclomaniacs 2

You can beat the game by collecting the 4 pizza slices (see our track listings for locations) and then beating the last level. Pretty easy, right? Not really, get ready to farm your head off and try, try, and try again on some really insane levels. That isn’t the end though, you get a ton more levels to play after you rescue Jennifer.


Upgrades in Cyclomaniacs 2 works pretty well, basically you can buy levels of them. You’ll want to focus on Speed first and Brake last.

  • Speed: How fast you go.
  • Acceleration: How long it takes you to get to your max speed.
  • Brake: How quickly you can stop. Get this last.
  • Boost: Upgrades your boost.
  • Spin: Upgrades how fast you can spin.
  • Jump: How far you can jump.
  • Minigame: Some report this has no affect, but I don’t think so (I maxxed it and it works out pretty well for me).

Cyclomaniacs 2 Tips

  • Make sure you spam up at the start to up your boost.
  • Use the right bike for the map.
  • Don’t be afraid to farm easy maps where you make more money.
  • Expect to take awhile.
  • Unlike the mini-games first and have some fun with them, although they do cost money.
  • There is no cheats in Cyclomaniacs 2.
  • So don’t expect to cheat at Cyclomaniacs 2.
  • It’s a game of skill, so learn how to do flips and land and do the various tricks for boost. Boost is super important.
  • Worship your boost, because boost is what keeps you alive and in the front.

Bike / Rider Listings in Cyclomaniacs 2

Bikes come in a few flavors. There are normal bikes, that are just well good all around. Then there is the wheelie bikes that have a huge wheel and small wheel. This lets them do wheelies like mad. Air bikes have a really good spin to them (and very small). Bump bikes usually have weird wheels or a ton of weight to them and go over bumpy maps. A few water boats work on levels with lots of water.

  •  Cycloking: Pretty okay guy for doing Wheelies, but isn’t that great. – Unlocked at the start of the game.
  • Ninja: All arounder. – Beat the final crashed lair level.
  • Mr Chopper: Good at wheelies, but sucks when you get airborne or for doing tricks. – Final crashed lair level.
  • Bad Viking: Sucks. – Meadow Lane in under 50 seconds.
  • Santa Carlos: Sucks – Final crashed lair level.
  • The Wheel: Good at speed. –  Final crashed lair level.
  • Sir Colin: He can only drive for 10 minutes, but is pretty good at stunts. Low power though. - Final crashed lair level.
  • Eight Ball: No traction = can’t climb. – 9 Ball Mini-Game (see our guide to it)
  • Mr. Sticky: Fast, but doesn’t respond that well. - Final crashed lair level.
  • Boff: Sucks, great on “water” levels. – Fishi Bishi Mini Game
  • Sir Bikealot: Great on bumpy levels. – 5 seconds of front wheelie on pirates level.
  • Tricyclotops: Not that great except on dino levels I guess. - Final crashed lair level.
  • Man Spider: Jumps really high. – 10 Tic Tacs on Rainbow Meadows.
  • Walter Really: Another water bike. – Kill all the zombies on Zombooka World.
  • Robotjam: All around bike that sucks in water. - Final crashed lair level.
  • Spoke: Can do wheelies, not very fast. - Final crashed lair level.
  • Pedal the Penguin: Goes fast, sucks in air. - Final crashed lair level.
  • Lee Cliff Van: Balanced. – Eat 20 birds on the bird chase level.
  • Presta the Clown: Sucks, but can’t crash. - Final crashed lair level.
  • Ron the Soccerballer: A “skill” bike. – Smash all the zombies on Zombooka World.
  • Terminal: I guess he costs more? Okay bike. – 25 more seconds on invert, changed opinion, really good bike for going over bumps.
  • Juk Juk Panks: No clue, balanced. – 20 stunts on Meteor.
  • Bavis Trickle: Another bump bike. – Gravity Tower
  • Dick Wastly: No clue. – Fire Rain level in under 47 seconds.
  • Princess Jennifer: You need to rescue her, no clue. – 50 pickups in the supervillians lair.
  • The Prof: Sucks, but fast. – Ninja Brain Training Mini Game (see our guide)
  • The Mayor: Slow. – level 6 boost on the aquarium
  • WINALOT: Not too powerful, but has weight to it. – 10 seconds of air time on easter island
  • Grim Reaper: Stunt bike. – 8 back wheelies in the hell cave
  • MC Triangle: Bump bike. – 10 back wheelies on the whale level
  • Captain Star Spangle: Wheelie bike. – You’ll need to do 10 back rolls in the Car Park
  • Julian: Sucks. - Final crashed lair level.
  • Sammy Toyota: Obstacle course bike.  - Final lair level.
  • The Flying Squirrel: Stable bike. – 10 Front Rolls on the Lost World.
  • Haddock: Sucks. – Pizzaroids mini game.
  • Longanimals: A really good bike. - Final lair level.
  • Funk Masta Flava: Slow bike. – Lava Palava mini game.
  • The Wasp: Air bike. - Final crashed lair level.
  • Daft Lorna: Good overall bike. – 15 back rolls on the whale level.
  • Killer Chick: Spin bike. – 10 seconds of invert on lava flow
  • Barry Zooka: Bump bike. - Final crashed lair level.
  • Vlad the Impeddaler: Good bike except on bump maps. – Complete the well in less than 45 seconds, really tough, wait until you get a good bike for doing it.
  • Rocketman: Good in the air. – 50 pickups on the sun.
  • Grunt Boulders: Wheelie bike. – 10 tic tacs on the machine level
  • The Big G: Skill bike. - Final crashed lair level.
  • Mushy Peas: Normal bike. – Destroy all the planes on the WINALOT level, see below.
  • Miss Ellie Fant: Sucks. – 10 mines the minefield.
  • Bubble Pop Jim: Can spin like mad, but hard to land. – cat flapper mini game, pretty good spin bike if you can land it.
  • Rocket Panda: Fast bike. – 30 stunts in custardio level

Ice Cream Locations in Cyclomaniacs 2

You can get these and still lose the level and get them, I’m pretty sure.

  • The Well: Jump over the pit, then get the ice cream and turn around.
  • The Whale: It’s behind the mammoth, halfway through, thanks sawyers.
  • The Dunes: It’s behind the start line.
  • Craggy Peaks: Off the last ramp that you jump off of.
  • The Drains: At the half way point, jump off the top track.
  • Pirate Ship: In front of the second ship, should be easy to spot.
  • Zombooka: It’s behind a zombie somewhere around the second platform.
  • Meadow Lane: You’ll get stomped if you go too far, but it’s behind the start line.
  • Rainbow Meadows: Near the second pond.
  • Craters: You’ll need a ton of boost and a light driver, it’s on the big big jump. You’ll see it if you’re doing the level normally.
  • The Sun: It’s in the second big trench on the middle.
  • Vapour Trail: It’s below the startline in the clouds.

Track Listing in Cyclomaniacs 2

This is some of the tips for some of the tracks in the game. By the time you get toward the end of the game you probably won’t need this anymore.

Meadow Lane

The easiest thing out there, you can’t even lose it I don’t think.

  • Finish 6th or better for Car Park.
  • Less than 60 seconds to unlock Bad Viking.

The Car Park

Another easy one, like, seriously enjoy these levels and farm as much cash in them as you want since there is little to no challenge.

  • Finish 5th for Easter Ticket.
  • You can unlock Captain Star Spangle Banner.

Easter Island

  • Finish 5th for the Dinosaur Compass
  • 10 or more seconds of air time unlocks Winalot.

The Lost World

  • Finish 4th for the Devil Burger
  • 10 Front Rolls unlocks Flying Squirrel.

Hell Cave

  • Finish 4th or higher for Bucket/Spade
  • 8 Back Wheelies unlocks Grim Reaper Rider

The Dunes

  • 4th gets you a Bazooka.
  • 8 Seconds Invert – Air Ticket (actually NOT that hard, just get someone who can spin kind of mediumish and you’ll be fine, do most of it towards the end).

Vapour Trail

  • 4th gets you a Pizza Slice 1
  • 20 Seconds in the air to unlock Fluffie Bunny

Plane Chase (Dino Land with WINALOT)

  • 15 Planes Destroyed – Mushy Peas. Easy with upgrades, destroy as many as you can at the start but rush to the front, you can kind of backup in the rest.

Zombooka World

  • 4th gets you the Time Machine.
  • Ice Cream is on the top platform.

Back in Time

  • 4th Gets you the Aquarium Ticket
  • 15 Back Rolls – Unlocks Knee Pads (the half-pipe)

The Aquarium

  • 4th Place gets you the Coaster Ticket
  • Hit level 6 boost for The Mayor

Coaster Zone

  • 4th Place gets you the Shrinkomatic
  • Scare 45 birds for Lucky Dollar. Just go slow and be sure to get the last few at the end.

Land of Giants

  • 3rd gets you Lucky Clover
  • 10 Front Rolls gets you the Parrot

Lucky Clover gets you into um, Rainbow Meadows, Parrot gets you onboard the Pirates ship.

Rainbow Meadows

  • 3rd or higher gets you Pizza Slice
  • 10 Ticktacks unlocks Man Spider (which opens up his zone)

Knee Pads – The Half Pipe

  • 30 Stunts gets you an award.
  • Maxxing boost gets you an award.
  • Probably will come up for badges I bet.


  • 3rd gets you the Giant Spoon
  • 5 Front Wheelies gets you Sirbikesalot.


  • 3rd gets you Planets Ticket
  • 30 stunts gets you Rocket Panda


  • 3rd gets you Joystick
  • 25 or more seconds of invert gets you Terminal

Pixel World

  • 3rd gets you Belly Tablets
  • 20 Front Rolls more gets you Meteor
  • The lower one is what you need to continue and it’s very hard.

The Whale

  • 3rd place gets you the 3rd Pizza Slice.
  • 15 or more back rolls gets you Daft Lorna

I haven’t played that far from here yet, but I know that there is about a few more maps. The Sun, Asteroid, and the Drains. From there I presume you can go into the Super Lair and win. Although with this much info you should be able to easily get past everything. Ice cream is going to be on the badges I bet, we’ll add that when it gets badges.

Okay and we’re back.

Asteroid Top

This level is a joke compared to some of the other ones. I used terminal and 20 stunts comes just naturally.

  • Finish in 3rd place or better to win Spanner.
  • Perform at least 20 stunts in total to win Juk Juk Panks.

Want more info on the game? View the second page!

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  1. Ceric

    Awesome guide. I couldn’t figure out what Tick Tacks were until I found this even invert >< Thanks a ton :3!

    • Raeese Nasir

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  2. sawyers

    **actually, the ice cream is behind the mammoth,towards the middle of the level for the whale

  3. Thanks!! Fixed it up Sawyers! ^^

  4. nn

    still can do the invert @_@ , I need more explanation

    • When you get into the air, turn your guy upside down, then turn him back around. Instead of doing a roll where you just spin, stop while you’re upside down then return to being rightside up.

    • invert king

      in mid-air flip ur rider upside down and stay there for as long as possible

  5. AlexTheAwesome

    Awesome guide! Thanks! I just have one suggestion. In the track listing, you should list which character would be best suited to each track and which would be easiest to use. :)

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    Help! I need someone to help me on those levels shown below:
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    and M C Shrink

  11. Missed Secrets

    I noticed that there is a button on the machine that The King is sitting in and is like Catflappers. When you click on it, it changes the hairstyle of The King.

    • Haha thanks! That’s pretty cool. Didn’t know about that.

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    Thank to you just unlocked the last ice creams.
    I finished the game!!!

  14. Elliejump factory

    im quite far into the game and im on the elliejump factory level where ive gotta do 20 jumps and not come last, 1. i cant control it, and 2. even if i do 20 jumps, i will definitely come last. any help?

    • Matt

      I beat the entire game (everything unlocked) and Ellie Jump was probably the hardest for me. It was the last one I completed. I don’t know what to tell you but the way to beat it is the do small jumps and learn to keep the bike stable. Try as do the twenty jumps as soon as possible (do a lot of small ones at the start). Then once you have 20 jumps, you can concentrate on going fast and catching up to the nearest rider.

  15. sam

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    What does mean “ticktacks”? I can’t figure out the meaning of this :(

  17. Matt

    One thing I’ve noticed which is really frustrating, it seems to be impossible to come in first place on some tracks without a goal of coming in first (ie: tracks like the whale and the underwater one where you only need to come in 3rd to win the prize.) I finished the game, have max upgrades in every category, I’m basically an expert, and yet I can use the best racers and I tried like 30 times to beat the whale, and even a few times I did it so flawlessly. It was perfect, yet the other racers are just too fast. I would be in 1st on the home stretch having done a perfect run, and on the flat bit leading to the end they would overtake me no matter how far back they were. They are just too fast. I’m pretty sure this is a problem with the game mechanics. I should be able to easily beat these racers because they are earlier levels and I’m fully upgraded, playing with the ninja and basically an expert.

    I mean, I can come in first EASILY on levels where I have to come in first to get the prize. And those levels come later and are much harder. There seems to be some difficult adjustment so that you can’t come in first on earlier levels no matter what.

    Also, one thing I found annoying was on some levels it tells you that you need to get “AT LEAST” 50 pick ups, or go through “AT LEAST” 14 hoops, when really, there are only 14 hoops in the dinosaur level so it should tell you that you have to get them ALL otherwise players think they can skip even one.

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  25. Bass

    To finish the coaster booster, maximize your jump, spin,speed and accel upgrade. Then on the stage, use every place which seems can be used for jumping to jump and do back rolls.
    And when you climb the roller coaster tap the right arrow key to keep your wheel on the ground, if not you fall.

    Sorry for the bad engrish :(

  26. SlimShady

    Thanks, I finally found the last ice cream on vapour trail , i’ve finished the game :)

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