Downloading Anime

This guide used to discuss how to download anime, bittorrent, and a ton of other details on how to obtain anime. That was in 2007 when it was almost impossible to watch anime anywhere, licensed or unlicensed. However, in the modern day, there is rarely a series that isn’t simulcasted here in the states. There is little to no reason to even discuss “how to download” anime because there just isn’t feasible. Most fansub groups have faded away, long ago, because the legality issues and the fact that most are getting paid by these companies to sub anime for the states.

Anyway, if you want to watch anime you can either watch it via one of the many streaming sites out there (Netflix/Blockbuster/Amazon/etc.) for more classic stuff and for more recent stuff you’ll want to check out Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is basically the go to place for the most recent series out there. They have most of the licenses for the most recent stuff, usually up until it is out on DVD (at which point you should be buying the DVDs anyway). A great example is Deadman Wonderland. They had it streaming up until it was finished, then afterward when the DVD came out it was taken down. So you may think that their listing is a bit restricted (i.e. not very many series) but, in reality, most of those series are available on DVD anyway.

If a series is good enough to watch but isn’t on some site yet, then the best thing to do is just wait for the DVD release. DVD release times are insane compared to what they used to be, almost to the point that we can see the DVDs around the same time they’re released in Japan.

If you are still thinking about downloading anime off of a torrent site, think about it long and hard. A lot of licensees are trolling these sites hard to look for people downloading anime illegally (especially licensed stuff) and are very quick to shoot a nastygram off to your ISP. That’s especially dangerous if you’re using someone else’s net (like a roommates) and they get to see the letter followed by which series you were caught downloading. It’s just not worth it.

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