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Gathering in TERA

Any character in TERA can gather anything, it’s not a tradeskill that you pick up. Likewise you can do any tradeskill in the game without much consequence, assuming you want to level each one up individually. Gathering is focused around collecting plants, metals, and crystals from various nodes from Arborea. You can gather any material, but the closer it is to your proficiency, the less of a chance to fail. Each successful gather will net you increased proficiency (assuming you haven’t overleveled it), some XP, and materials.

Group Gathering

Group gathering works when players in a group gather all at the same time. The way it works is if one person in the group succeeds, then it succeeds for the entire group. This is a great way to get lower proficiency allies materials and level up their skill rather quickly.

Gathering Buffs

There are five different buffs that you’ll gain from gathering:

  1. Gathering Courage – 5 Stamina, 20 Minute Duration, Stacks up to 3 Times
  2. Gathering Knowledge – 10 Gathering Proficiency, 5 Minute Duration, Stacks up to 4 Times
  3. Gathering Life – Heals 0.5% of Max HP every 3 seconds, 10 Minute Duration, Stacks up to 3 Times
  4. Gathering Spirit – Regeneration 0.5% of max MP every 3 seconds, 10 Minute Duration, Stacks up to 3 Times
  5. Gathering Speed – Increases Movement Speed in Combat by 2, 10 Minute Duration, Stacks up to 3 Times

Leveling Gathering

The best way to level your gathering proficiency is simply by gathering. There isn’t some secret crazy path to follow on each map, it’s all common sense stuff. Get your gathering up while you’re on the newbie island and then from there branch out and keep gathering when you can. As you can see the buffs are insane, so leveling up gathering shouldn’t be tough as long as you work to keep gathering buffs up as much as possible.

Gathering Skill Levels

Krymetal, Sun Essence, and Verda Plants are your first thing you’ll gather and they are all over the place and will take you to skill level 101. After that, when you reach Celestial Hills, you’ll start gathering the next tier, and so on.

Tier 1 is 0 – 101
Tier 2 is 101 – 151
Tier 3 is 151 – 201
Tier 4 is 201 – 251

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