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Janna Skins in League of Legends! (LoL!)

Are you interested in purchasing Janna skins in League of Legends? Then look at the various windswept skins to choose from!

Looking for Janna Skins in League of Legends? There are two different skins available at the moment from the lol store. Tempest Janna, and HexTech Janna. Additionally, there are Custom skins available from other players user-submitted content. Custom Skins are free, yet original skins cost Riot Points, which are a currency that you must buy with real money. (Looking for where to find custom Janna skins? Want to know what custom skins are?  Go here to find out what they are and where to get them!)


Tempest Janna – 520 RP

This is the almighty Tempest Janna, whenever you push the elements of air wayyyy to far, you have to deal with this lady. Janna’s model has changed, but the overall look of this beautiful skin for only 520 RP has not. It’s a great buy for something different!

Janna Tempest Skin

Tempest Janna turns sweet ol’ lovely Janna into a furious force to be reckoned with.. She looks absolutely fantastic in game with her contrasting Black, Dark Blue, and Light Blue colors. This skin is really a beauty, (Even though I liked her model better before they changed it!) either way, this is a great buy, and is most definitely promoted by me! :)

HexTech Janna – 975 RP

HexTech Janna is a great look despite the new model, and I really am starting to grow to it. It’s a great skin and turns her classic faerie self into something a little more human, and she looks great as one as well! This skin makes you into what looks like a spellcasting scientist! hah! It’s great!

Janna HexTech Skin

HexTech Janna is definitely to me, something original and well thought out by the developer. It’s great to give the player the choice to choose between magic and machine. And I like that about this skin. If you don’t like all the prissy faerie magic, this is the skin for you!


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