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Jax Skins in League of Legends! (LoL!)

Are you interested in purchasing Jax skins in League of Legends? Then look at the various combat-ready skins to choose from!

Looking for Jax Skins in League of Legends? There are four different skins available at the moment from the lol store. Vandal Jax, Angler Jax, Jaximus, The Mighty Jax (Limited Edition), and Pax Jax (Limited Edition). Additionally, there are Custom skins available from other players user-submitted content. Custom Skins are free, yet original skins cost Riot Points, which are a currency that you must buy with real money. (Looking for where to find custom Jax skins? Want to know what custom skins are?  Go here to find out what they are and where to get them!)


Vandal Jax – 520 RP

 Vandal Jax is a very shady character, both literally and figuratively. He seems to vandalize people’s property and faces with his giant nail-stick weapon. Pray to god you don’t get on this guy’s bad side!

Jax Vandal Skin

Vandal Jax is a cool skin, and with it being the only one at the 520 RP pricepoint, it’s a good skin to buy if you’re wanting to save a bit of cash. You turn from the old alien jax with the lantern, into the new vandal jax, with a stick with nails on it. Pretty good switch-out if you ask me!

Angler Jax – 975 RP

 Angler Jax has gotten so good with fishing, that he decided to use his fishing pole as a weapon to catch foes with! No, not really, but he does literally swing a fishing pole at his foes!

Jax Angler Skin

Angler Jax is a skin for people who love to go fishing! Yes, really! With this Skin, Jax has just gotten back from his fishing trip, and, since the tournament won’t allow him to use real weapons, he decides to use his fishing pole as a weapon! This is a great skin, although costly at 975 RP, it’s a very fun skin that will get alot of attention!


Jaximus – 975 RP

 Jaximus to me is the coolest skin for Jax, He gets a real weapon for once, and he’s fitted in gladiator-style armor, which looks fan-tastic! This is my personal favorite skin for Jax.

Jaximus Skin

Jaximus has arrived! And he has a real weapon! An axe, of course! Ready to lob off some of his enemies heads and body parts… and organs… You get the picture! This is by far my favorite skin for Jax, and although it’s quite costly at 975 RP, it’s worth it!

The Mighty Jax (Limited Edition)  – (2010) (February 12th -> March 2nd)

The Mighty Jax is a Limited Edition skin that you could earn from the Winter Olympics in 2010, from February 12th -> March 2nd. It’s now impossible to get, but there’s a chance that this skin may return one day!

Jax The Mighty Skin

The Mighty Jax is a Winter Olympics skin that is Jax, in a hockey outfit, with a hockey stick as his weapon. He’s pink, by the way, just to add insult to injury. He runs around as pink as he could be, slapping up his foes with a hockey stick while yelling I’M THE MIGHTY JAX! If you were able to get this skin, I’m jealous! But if not, hopefully he will be able to be purchased soon!

Pax Jax (Limited Edition) – Gift for Attending Pax (2010 and 2011)

 Pax Jax is a Limited Edition skin that is a gift for attending Pax in 2010 and 2011. It’s a very rare skin, but if the pattern continues, you should be able to get one if you attend the Pax Convention in 2012.

Jax Pax Skin

Pax Jax turns Jax into a kungfu fighting warrior, (Sorta reminds me of the Kungfu Panda!) It’s a very rare skin, so if you have it you’re very lucky! You get this skin for free for attending one of the Pax Conventions held in 2010, and 2011, and hopefully 2012 as well! See when the next Pax convention is and order yourself a ticket if you’d like this skin! It’s a very fun skin to have!





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