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Lux Skins in League of Legends (LoL)!

Are you interested in purchasing Lux skins in League of Legends? Then look at the various beautiful skins to choose from!

 Looking for Lux Skins in League of Legends? There are three different skins available at the moment from the lol store, Sorceress Lux, Commando Lux, And Spellthief Lux. Additionally, there are Custom skins available from other players user-submitted content. Custom Skins are free, yet original skins cost Riot Points, which are a currency that you must buy with real money. (Looking for where to find custom warwick skins? Want to know what custom skins are?  Go here to find out what they are and where to get them!)

Sorceress Lux – 520 RP

Sorceress Lux Changes you into a beautiful blue wizard, making you much more noticeable.. and much more fashionable!

Sorceress Lux

League of Legends Sorceress Lux Skin

For the price, I’d say if you like the color blue, like the idea of a bubbly blonde ditsy wizard running through the battlefield, throwing her stick around and casting rainbow lasers, this is the skin for you!

Commando Lux – 975 RP

This is the Lux that throws down her staff, and picks up her AK-47, battle armor, and high heels of pain to do some REAL league of legends ass kicking!

Commando Lux

League of Legends Commando Lux Skin

Although the price  has increased dramatically, just look at her! I wouldn’t want to come between her and whatever she’s after! Just thinking about the pain that staff-gun-whatever thing would cause is unbearable! And she lights things on fire too by the looks of it!

Spell-Thief Lux – 975 RP

 The Spellthief Lux skin seems to turn Lux into a traveler, fully equipped with her book, her mana potions, and her handbag!

Spellthief Lux Skin

League of Legends Spellthief Lux Skin

The price is the same as Commando Lux at 975 RP, yet there’s something about this skin that just screams to me, It’s a very original design and seems very natural, not too overdone or anything, but very classy, and unique.

Imperial Lux Skin – 975 RP

Imperial Lux skin is a new skin for Lux in League of Legends, and she’s ready to walk the walk and talk the talk with her new space-age baton! You wouldn’t want to disrespect this girl’s authority!

Lux Imperial Skin

League of Legends Imperial Lux Skin

This is a new skin, and is priced evenly with the other skins at 975 RP, Alot of controversy has went around about this new skin being not as good as the other skin’s released, but I think quite the contrary! Although it doesn’t have anything fantastic going, it looks very cool, and very different than the other Lux skins in League of Legends!

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