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My Pet Protector 2 Guide/Walkthrough & Loot Maps

So My Pet Protector 2 is out, doesn’t have badges yet, but it’ll probably get badges at some point.

Let’s talk about what’s new first of all. Before that, the mute button is on the bottom left on the intro screen (where you choose to continue). Beside the little speaker is a bar so you can turn the music down.

Below you’ll find info on crafting, enchanting, adventuring, stress, and even maps to the treasure. Be sure to look through to find what you need to know!

You get a much more robust character creation system, you need to “rebuild” the town with materials you find out in the wild, and there are a lot more dungeons. Go read the My Pet Protector Walkthrough for a basic how-to on the series. We’ll go into mostly what’s new here. Let’s start with making a character.

Creating a Character

Make a choice. Do you want to do magic or do you want to do melee? Here are the direct benefits. Magic uses MP while melee attacks do not. Magic uses spells and Melee use melee skills. I find, like in every flash game, melee is easier to play and less work. With magic you have to use MP for your regular attacks while melee can just smash everything in its way.

You will be presented with a ton of options. Choose the ones that fit into either “pure magic” or “pure melee” and skip any that give you just money or just gear, because those take less time to get as you advance.

The Game Basics

Basically you’re raising a hero up from a kid and you have a certain point before he goes out on his own. He’s kind of like your apprentice. There are four major aspects to this game: adventuring, training, town rebuilding, and work.

Basic Winning Strategy

The basic strategy is different this time around because of town building. You need to build up your town to make training efficient and open up jobs. Of course, you can specialize into certain buildings for work/training and in turn need to use less materials, but you’ll have to actually go into combat fairly early to make training worthwhile.

So essentially your goal will be to start off by working, earning a bit of money, then training your combat skills a bit. When you feel confident, go out and into the dungeons and start fighting. Stop when you find yourself dying. Go back, spend whatever building materials you have, sell your loot, work, and train. Working will provide you with stat increases that you’ll need and money while training will buff you up.

Honestly, that is all there is to it. You need to increase Bravery in order to unlock more adventure locations and you’ll need Tactics for skills and to help avoid missing, but outside of that there isn’t much you need to worry about.

Working Day & Night

Here is a list of what stats each job affects:

Sweeper: +Humility -Compassion
Babysitting: +Compassion -Humility
Rat Catch: +Bravery -Refinement
Labourer: +Temperament -Refinement
Scribe: +Refinement -Bravery
Squire: +Tactics -Compassion
Nurse: +Healing -Charm
Builder: +Construction -Refinement
Tailor: +Tailoring -Bravery
Smith: +Smithing -Compassion
Hunter: +Scavanging -Temperament
Librarian: +Enchanting (BIG if you want to craft) -Bravery
Muscician: +Charm -Humility
Apprentice: +Enchanting -Tactics
Politician: +Charm +Refinement
Warden: +Compassion +Magical Defense
Banker: +Refinement +Scavanging
Guard: +Bravery +Combat Attack
Ninja: +Tactics +Combat Defense
Trainer: +Temperament +Bravery

Pick jobs that align to your combat style (melee or magic) so that you’ll get either Strength or Wisdom boosts and be sure to take jobs that buff stats that you need. Bravery is important for finding new dungeons, Charm reduces the cost of things, Tactics is part of the to-hit formula, and Construction makes it cheaper (both in gold and materials) to fix the town up. So keep that in mind as you pick what jobs you take. Also remember that if you “fail” a day at a job you won’t get cash for that day.

Stress and Resting

If you’ve worked any then you should notice the stress bar at the top. That fills up as you work, train, move through dungeons, go into combat, or click on a tile in an adventure area. To lower it you’ll need to go to the Rest tab. You want to unlock the other areas by adventuring as FAST as possible in order to get the most benefit from them (they often give stat boosts) and they’re cheaper than having to unlock levels on your house or the gardens. You can get the castle in the desert.

Training, Skills, and Crafting

Training is pretty self explanatory. You spend money (reduced by the level of the building associated with what you’re training and your Charm) and in return you gain skill points. Every skill can go from 0 to 1,000 and they’re all pretty useful, if for nothing more than the end ranking. Again, at the start you’re going to want to focus on combat (so train Melee if you want to go Melee, Magic if you want to go Magic) and Tactics is useful all around for being able to hit stuff.

You can craft things by “training” the crafting profession. It maxes out at about 50% once you’re at 1,000 Tailoring or Blacksmithing. If you create an item you get the chance to Enchant it, which is abysmally low until you train Enchanting. That’s done through work (skills increase through work too, as mentioned above). Your endgoal is to make Superior Godlike items, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to get those and do everything else within the time limit.

Adventuring – Dungeons & Adventure Locations

Every time you move you use stress, every time you battle you use stress, every panel you open in an adventure you use stress. Stress management is the key here. Fights do not give you XP, just gold, which can be turned into training. So you should avoid all non-essential fights on your way to pick up that dungeon’s blue loot boxes. We have maps below that detail where each blue box is, but that’s only interesting if and when the game gets badges.

Adventure spots are important because they unlock resting places that give you stat bonuses. The garden can be max upgraded to really remove stress, but the other locations are key for stat boosts. Plus you can get some gold out of them.

More on Crafting & Enchanting

Ok, a question everyone asks is how do you craft and enchant weapons? Well, it’s simple. First you need to max enchanting and the profession (tailoring or blacksmithing) out. You can level both of those up as jobs which is what I recommend. When they’re at max you’ll have about a 50% chance to make a weapon and another 50% chance to enchant it. You’ll need to go to the training tab and “train” in blacksmithing or tailoring in order to have a chance at a “create an item” popup. When you get that  popup you’ll see your chance of success. If you choose to make the weapon and are successful then you’ll be given the chance to enchant it. If you choose to enchant the item then you’ll have a chance at either getting a powerful item OR it failing. By default, the chance to enchant is like 2% so you have to train Enchanting to get a result from it!


That’s one mean bunny. Max out your combat, max out your tactics, farm con/str, get a good set of armor, and a ton of potions. Like, A METRIC TON. Then spam potions and beat him down. His lair shows up after you beat the previous two hell maps which unlock at max Bravery.

Blue Treasure Locations

Below are maps of all of the blue treasures:

Titan’s Hall

Fairly easy dungeon for a red dungeon. You just need to go to the far left in order to pick up the blue treasure. Avoid the extra enemies hanging around.

Satan’s Lair

Defeat Satan (spam potions) and this treasure will be yours.

Demon Mines

Be sure to go into the room on the left, there is a ton of materials there.

Sturdy Passage

Easy, few enemies in your way.

Broken Shipyard

Rest of them in a Gallery

I’ll sorry ‘em as soon as I get time, feel free to comment if you want me to hurry up or find ‘em useful.

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