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My Pet Protector Achievement Guide/Walkthrough

My pet protector is pretty much a joke of a game, but I did enjoy it the first time I played through it and you should be able to enjoy it as well while getting all three achievements. Let me preface this by saying that the hard achievement is actually easy and probably funnier than not doing anything.

Link to the game. Link to the Kongregrate walkthrough (for the basics)

Alright, let me start by saying you need to build your character right. I’m a magic user in any game I play and I often find myself going that direction and it works fine here, but you have to know what you’re doing otherwise you’re going to be like oh my god and miss on everything.

Ok, read the Kongregrate walkthrough that doesn’t tell you much of anything but the starting stats. It’s pretty obvious if you want to go melee or magic what to do. DO NOT choose the equipment trait, because you can farm/buy equipment later. Wealth is pretty good for a good healthy start, but Training can save you more time.

Fighter is excellent if you want to fight, obviously, Mage is good for Magic, and Ranger is good all around (if you want to mix both, BUT I DO not suggest that). Urchin is good for the begging trait, which I find to be rather bad. Worker is good for fighters and Nobility is good for magic users.

So after you make your character be ready to play the most boring/awesome part of the game. It’s like many of those dating sim games, except you don’t get anything in the end but a high five and hopefully achievements.

The game plays out as followings. You have a few options at the top. Char Info (what your character stands at), Inventory (what’s in your inventory), Shop (which lets you buy some meager things), Adventure which lets you run the two types of dungeons, Rest which removes stress, Work which earns money, School which lets you learn, and Quit which well quits.

Each activity you do will result in you gaining stress, except for resting. When you gain a certain amount of stress an activity can no longer be performed and you’ll have to go rest (usually at 70). You can rest in town with four options. The only two that don’t waste your week is the Beach and Forest Holiday. Beach holiday will get rid of most of your stress while the forest one will get rid of all of it. Both give you a chance at a stat boost.

So what do you do to get the achievements?

Well, choose the following: Fighter, Worker, and Training. Start your first few days off doing the Stablehand/resting. You’ll eventually get the point you’re making money, which should then be put into Combat.

Train Combat and rest, work to get some more money up. Do this for a little bit, then do the Fortitude dungeon. You’ll make a good bit of cash in here and if you trained up you won’t die. Dungeons work like this. Every movement gains stress, battles gain stress, if you lose you’ll stress out and leave and if you gain 70 stress you’ll leave. To otherwise leave you have to go back to the H on the map.

Fights are simple. Hit melee for melee, magic for magic. I found magic to be very lacking and melee gives you physical defense and combat attack which is better than magical defense to me. Anyway, finish the dungeon and repeat the cycle.

You should work as a stablehand until Night Guard comes up which pays you and gives you combat skill. Combat skill equates to not missing which equates into not losing. Defense makes them miss you more, missing equals being able to fight things with more HP than you.

Now, when you’ve gotten more skill (about halfway up) head into the other dungeons. The mobs don’t change much once you leave Fortitude, so if you’re doing OK there then keep going and making cash and pouring it into Combat training. Once you’re at 100 Combat attack/defense you can pretty much stop worrying about training and worry about dungeons.

In the dungeons sell all the loot you don’t equip and always put on the biggest damage weapon you can get.

When you’re on the last dungeon (the gambit one) there is only one new NPC who has 500 health. I had no problem with them because they always missed me. Get the last blue treasure and then blow the rest of your points training up whatever you want to get the medium page.

To recap: work until you have enough cash to train combat, train combat until its decent enough, go dungeoning until you start getting your butt kicked, then go back and sell all of your loot and train combat. Work as a stablehand/night guard to help bump your constution up and make enough money to always use the most expensive rest to make up days.


Using this simple strategy I was able to done with the easy and hard achievements with 30 weeks to goish and had enough time to train up abunch of other stats to get the tier 2 ending.

If you want to go magic, expect to get your butt handed to you as stuff does massive damage to you. I find magic the thing to go if you want to play around, not get the achievement.



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