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Renekton Build Guide for League of Legends | (LoL)

Renekton the Butcher of the Sands is a new hero released to League of Legends, and, as I’ve heard and witnessed myself, is pretty beastly when played correctly. He currently costs 6300 IP or 975 RP. This Renekton Build Guide is going to get you pro in no time by putting your Renekton in your Renekton so you can Renekton with Renekton XD

What makes Renekton so unique and powerful, is the brand new Fury system (omg I read that as furry system LOL (of legends), designed just for him! Fury takes the place of Mana, ALL of Renekton’s skills are FREE! Yes, they are FREE! So you can spam them as many times as you’d like. They also build Fury, which is used to ‘empower’ his skills, and make them do incredible damage when he’s played correctly.

The first thing you will notice when playing as or against Renekton, is his unique ability Slice/Dice, Which dashes(teleports?) him in any direction you choose, dealing damage and instantly refreshing the cooldown, so you can use it again and again and again to your heart’s content!

No one can outrun you, and you can pretty much outrun anyone you’d like by Slice/Dicing through the terrain, leaving even the quickest enemy confused on your whereabouts. This skill can be incredibly game breaking if used correctly in my honest opinion.

His second skill is called Cull The Meek, which does an AoE attack, and HEALS Renekton for 5% (10% if above 50% fury) of the -Total- damage dealt! (Oh yeah, and did I mention that it’s free and spammable?)

His third skill is Ruthless Predator. which gives you 2(3 with 50% fury) EXTRA attacks against your target, and STUNS!

His ultimate, Dominus, increases his size, increases his health, increases his damage, increases his range, gives him fury every second AND deals magic damage to everyone around him. Wow.

Even though each one of his skills are great even when used on their own, whenever you couple them together, his fighting power is incredible! You can Slice/Dice through your enemy, trigger Ruthless Predator, then during the stun duration cast Cull The Meek, and by the time the stun duration is off, you can Slice/Dice out of his range and dissapear! Most of the time, that combo is good enough to KILL someone!

Oh yeah, and did I mention every skill gives you fury if your below 50% fury? Yup, sure does! So you’ll be above 50% most of your playtime as Renekton as long as you keep spamming those free spells!

In conclusion, Renekton seems to be an -amazing- choice for a hero in League of Legends, (Check him out here at his League of Legends – Renekton Champion Spotlight!)All of his incredibly good skills, coupled with them all being FREE, and a self-heal, with an escape, and everything else going for this guy, I’d say try him out for yourself and win a few games!

People are also saying that he’s been nerfed, or being nerfed soon, but I haven’t seen a difference in the games I play as him. So who knows? Leave a comment on whether or not you believe Renekton is still overpowered!

As for his build, focus on Cull the Meek first, then get one point in Ruthless Predator and Slice and Dice, then max out Cull of the Meek. Obviously get Dominus, then max Slice and Dice, then Ruthless Predator. That way you’ll go into the forest and make all of the bad guys there worship the ground you walk on, hardcore style.

So now you can make everyone go u mad bro.

See his champion spotlight below:

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