Shyvana Skins in League of Legends! (LoL!)

Are you interested in purchasing Shyvana skins in League of Legends? Then look at the various draconic skins to choose from!

Looking for Shyvana Skins in League of Legends? There are two different skins available at the moment from the lol store. Ironscale Shyvana, and Boneclaw Shyvana. Additionally, there are Custom skins available from other players user-submitted content. Custom Skins are free, yet original skins cost Riot Points, which are a currency that you must buy with real money. (Looking for where to find custom Shyvana skins? Want to know what custom skins are?  Go here to find out what they are and where to get them!)


Ironscale Shyvana – 975 RP

Ironscale Shyvana is a great skin to turn the bland Classic-Shyvana skin, into something more flashy and League of Legend’s like. It’s a great skin that turns Shyvana into an armored beast of terror, and even changes her Dragon Form as well! ( Ironscale Shyvana’s Ironscale Dragon is covered in armor!)

Iron Scale Shyvana Skin

I think that League of Legends did a great job on the Shyvana skins in League of Legends, this one is more of the stereotypical Dragon-Type champion’s skin, While the Boneclaw Shyvana is more Fantasy/Shamanistic, it’s a great combo of skins, and really, I don’t say this much about Bundles from League of Legends, but I think in this case the Shyvana Bundle is a great purchase!


Boneclaw Shyvana – 975 RP

Boneclaw Shyvana is my favorite skin for the Shyvana skins in League of Legends, the way it looks in game is phenomenal! It’s a very unique skin and looks great on the playing field, definitely worth the 975 RP! Boneclaw Shyvana’s Boneclaw Dragon also has bone armor, and a great pattern of bones on his tail. Very well done art work on this skin!

Bone Claw Shyvana Skin

Like I said before, Boneclaw Shyvana is great, but Ironscale Shyvana is also great in it’s own way! These two skins are totally unique and I honestly can’t decide which one to get myself! I may even get the bundle, because they are such great additions to League of Legends. Boneclaw Shyvana and Ironscale Shyvana are both great choices for skins, so why not just purchase both? :)!

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