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Sona Skins in League of Legends (LoL!)

Are you interested in purchasing Sona skins in League of Legends? Then look at the various symphonic skins to choose from!

Looking for Sona Skins in League of Legends? There are three different skins available at the moment from the lol store, Muse Sona, Pentakill Sona, and Silent Knight Sona. Additionally, there are Custom skins available from other players user-submitted content. Custom Skins are free, yet original skins cost Riot Points, which are a currency that you must buy with real money. (Looking for where to find custom sona skins? Want to know what custom skins are?  Go here to find out what they are and where to get them!)

Muse Sona – 975 Riot Points

The Muse Sona skin turns Sona into a sleek, sexy musician from Greece. If you’d like your Sona to be as effortlessly beautiful as she can be, I most definitely recommend this skin!

Sona Muse Skin League of Legends

This skin seems to be for all you guys and girls out there that want your Sona to be even more gorgeous than she already is in her classic state! It’s costly at 975 Riot Points, but if you want just a bit of uniqueness without going ‘across the line’, this skin is most definitely for you!

Pentakill Sona -975 Riot Points

Pentakill Sona turns Sona into a gothic-styled warrior. If you’d rather listen to Metal music, than let’s say.. Classical.. This skin is what you’re after. Because I’m pretty sure Pentakill Sona doesn’t play very much Classical music. ;)

Sona Pentakill Skin League of Legends

This Sona replaces her elegantly placed ribbons and gown, with chains and leather. If you’re the kind of League of Legends player that wants to strike fear into the hearts of your enemy, this is the skin for you! It costs 975 Riot Points, but even for the price, who doesn’t want to kick ass with a bladed electro-harp?

Silent Night Sona – 520 RP (Limited Edition Snowdown Can No Longer Obtain)

Silent Night Sona turns your Sona into a lovely caroler, performing by day, caroling by night! This is an absolutely gorgeous skin.. Let’s hope they re-release it this christmas!

Sona Silent Night Skin

This skin was released as a limited edition Sona Skin for the 2010 event, “Snowdown Showdown”, it was taken off of the market on January 4th, 2011 but let’s hope they re-release this skin on Christmas 2011! It’s a very detailed skin, that any christmas lover could feel warm and cozy playing!

 Guqin Sona – 975 RP

Guqin Sona is a new sona skin that really brings out the pink in me, and will bring out the pink in you as well! It’s a very japanese-oriented skin, that really makes me feel calm while I play as it. It’s a very very detailed skin, and I recommend it anyone who likes the soft, sensitive side of Sona.

Sona Goqin Skin

Guqin Sona looks absolutely gorgeous on the battlefield, and to me, this new addition is one of the best of the Sona skins in League of Legends. Beautiful! I love it. If Asian culture isn’t for you, I wouldn’t recommend this, but the pink color is divine, and so soothing. Playing this champion in league of legends gets me so relaxed anyways, but with this skin, it truly is a stress reliever!


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