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Stronghold Kingdoms Card Packs

A lot of people wonder what’s the best card pack to buy in Stronghold Kingdoms. That’s a really good question and it boils down to really what your goal is with your crown purchase. Card packs come in two honest flavors: 8 crowns and 10 crowns. The two 8 crown card packs, industry and food, are only viable for banqueting (industry is mostly banquet cards) and swap points. When it comes to 10 point card packs, the castle defense pack is nearly useless – wooden defense cards are a net loss and there are only a few good cards (12 knights / masons / castle completion) that you could gain.

That leaves the random pack and the army pack. The army pack is going to be your best overall buy, simply because it contains 4x speed cards, scout cards, army cards, peasant cards (which can be turned into villagers), and weapon production cards. The normal pack is a huge gamble, it contains the rare cards (monk cards, merchant speed, village completion, research breakthrough, etc.) but you could also end up with a pull that’s nothing but wooden walls and banquet goods.

There is some simple math to follow if your goal is to swap the cards in. If you buy the 10 crown packs and hope to pull the card you need, you will pay .60 cents a pack.. The 8 crown packs come out somewhere around .50 a pack. You will receive five cards, each one is worth roughly .10 a card or .12 cents a card. 25 points will then be worth .50 cents or .60 cents depending if you use 8 or 10 crown card packs.

In more realistic / easier to understand terms:

240 Crowns is $14.99 (let’s say $15.00) on Amazon

24 packs of 5 cards at 10 crowns a pack

30 packs of 5 cards at 8 crowns a pack

You will receive a minimum of 600 swap points for the 10 crown packs and a minimum of 750 for the 8 crown packs. Each swap point is then effectively .025 cents vs. .02 cents. You will always snag a bonus, you’ll have more chances at a bonus with the 8 crown packs BUT you will not have a chance at the car you’re aiming for.

So you’ll have to make up your mind, if you were going to buy $15.00 worth of crowns, you’ll have to decide between 150 more swap points or a chance at the card you’re wanting to buy.

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