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Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Episode 2

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Episode 2 Review/Screenshots


This episode was fantastic to the point that even I, the mild mannered updater of this website, was boiling over with joy and glee as I uploaded screenshots. The Burning Justice (with capital first letters for emphasis) is so thick in this show that you may need sunglasses to watch. Seriously!

This show starts off with a bang, two Ganmen (the thing that attacked in episode 1) versus Kamina and the Gurren-dan. In fighting these two Ganmen they realize that they aren’t all powerful nor are they the absolute epitome of the skill. A fine trait of a FANTASTIC series is mecha pilots who are skilled with COURAGE instead of, you know, magical plot skill that isn’t based on courage.

I had a seriously hard time not loving this show. I mean it. There is no slowness, so far, nor is there anything saying “hold it there pal, this show is heading for the shittier”. Assuming you haven’t seen the show yet and you’re still reading I’m going to spoil it for you:




Kamina has bypassed the levels that EVEN Orange-kun could not obtain.

This show… AMAZING.

Things I liked this episode were mostly how Kamina’s father is probably dead. We his cloak and his bracelet and can only assume it’s him. However, knowing how these things work out Kamina’s dad is totally the leader of the beast people or something.

The beastmen reminds me a lot of Mina, an anime by the same director. They’re up to something. I can only imagine the plot is that somehow this is a colony that got attacked/taken over/people turned into the beast people and now Humans live underground for some stupid reason (perhap that old Wells future novel… what’s it called? The Time Machine or something like that.

The only thing that worries me (but is fixed kinda in episode 3) is Simon’s lack of just STRENGTH. Kamina is fearless while Simon is kind of scared and your mecha wimp. I’m hoping that he advances and that this isn’t going to be a common holdback in combat with Simon being “OH MAN I DON’T WANT TO FIGHT ON” although Kamina now has a mech.

A+ is all I can say to this. Just, A+.

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