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Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Episode 3 Review

We’re going to suspend screenshots until everything is caught up! Download links are available elsewhere for now as well, while we catch up on the backlog.

Gurren Lagann shows us that once again it’s the most awesome anime ever released. Seriously, it is the absolute most best anime ever. Well, in the last few years anyway. I don’t even think FLCL could compete with what Gurren Lagann has become.

I’m going to spoil this and just say in episode three Kamina makes the impossible possible. In a fight with what appears to be one of the head ganmen Kamina grabs Simon’s ganmen and shoves it into the head of the ganmen HE STOLE last episode.  Afterwards, he steals the helmet off of the enemies head. While all of this is going on awesome music is playing.

This episode was just… amazing.

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