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TERA Alchemy Leveling Guide

TERA Alchemy Leveling Guide

In this Tera Alchemy Leveling Guide we at Fantasy Dimensions will help you better understand the TERA Alchemy system and help you level your character’s trade skill much easier.

I. Gathering

Gathering is one of the most important parts of leveling Alchemy, you’re going to want to gather Plants, Ores, and Essences for Alchemy. So any time you see a node, get it! Most people think that Essences are for Alchemy, Plants are for Tailoring, and Ores are for Weaponsmithing, but Alchemy requires all three!

Where is the best place to farm materials for Alchemy?

The best place that I have found to farm tier 1 materials for alchemy is Northeast and Northwest of the Mysterious Ruins part of the Island of Dawn. The best way to go about this is to go to a low population channel with no competition, and continue running back and forth between Northeast and Northwest. The reason that this place is so great is that it is filled to the brim with materials, yet the monsters never attack you, and there’s hardly any competition! Great huh?

Tera Alchemy Guide Best Place To Gather Raw Materials


II. Alchemy Crafting

The best way to go about this is to gather lots of materials before you start. Once you have all of your materials on hand, make sure that you have an abundance of gold if you are a low level character, because the materials from the vendor is going to cost a ton. I think that 30 gold is a good starting place, so that you don’t overspend and have money trouble in other parts of the game.

Leveling up Alchemy

Leveling up Alchemy is pretty straightforward, you’re going to want to stick with converting raw materials into refined materials from 1-250, because until you hit 250 you can level up a crafting skill using solely raw materials that you’ve acquired during your questing. for Alchemy these are Krymetal Ore -> Krymetal Ingot, Verdra Fiber -> Verdracloth, and Sunessence -> Deosilex etc etc. This is the best way to level up all tradeskills from 1-250.


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