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The Garden Of Sinners – Theatrical Feature 1: Fukan Fukei

The Garden Of Sinners – Theatrical Feature 1: Fukan Fukei the anime theatrical series was something that I came across by accident, but intrigued me, so I thought I’d share it with our viewers. The first chapture, ‘Fukan Fukei,’ was made 2007, but the series itself is from a story from the internet. Getting into the gritty details.

Brush up on what you can expect from this anime is the many uses of metaphors. They’re non-stop, from use of a dream or a direct literal use. For those who don’t want to go ahead and look up the meaning, “Fukan Fukei,’ it means, “A view from above.” Another used of metaphors that are expressed visually through the beginning credits. A weary butterfly following an energetic dragonfly.

As they can use these symbolical images, or messages some might start to ponder if this anime is combined with action, fantasy, supernatural, or fable. It is. This is but one of a few of their episodes.

Continue to get to know the main characters:

The main characters are always an important part of an story so let’s say hello to Shiki Ryōgi. Not shown in this movie, Shiki is a young teenager who has a male ‘personality.’ Getting into the details about her, Shiki’s family usually hade male children with two personalities. A young woman with a stubborn attitude. The only person that seems to ever change her mind on the most simplest things is the ever so calm, pretty boy -”Mikiya Kokutō,” of this story. Might be because she has feelings for him?

I did say this was a supernatural and perhaps even fictional anime, so what makes it that way? Well what other could we do than have our character have the ability to kill almost anything by just looking at them? That’s an exaggeration, but her eyes have a skill, called the Mystic Eyes of Perception, that allows her to see the very spots that can destroy any being. At least we assume.

Mikiya Kokutō, our… actual male character is seen from the very beginning as a caring and calm friend of Shiki. Whether he is searching just to teach Shiki with all his ‘metaphorical’ uses or to be her possible best friend is hard to define. However, it’s most likely there is a… thing. He promised to go to college with Shiki but a turn of events sends Shiki into a coma and changes the possibilities, to his dismay. Strangely this man is head over heals about a certain empty doll. The creator of the doll, Tohko Aozaki is then introduced by Mikiya’s fascination over the doll.

Tohko Aozaki, the doll maker, and an expert needed in aiding Shiki. Shiki for now is known to have a wooden like arm that would be similar to a doll’s only moderated to work with her functioning body movements and covered in a material to look like skin. She is both help for metaphorical amusement, craftsmanship, and a supernatural inspector. Though there really isn’t any sign of her in this movie that she does come in contact with supernatural business. Though she and Mikaya share the same interest of the sort, and also share a building.

The plot of the video:

Shiki, and Tohko- nothing more than bystanders to gain information from the media come across an interesting case of a continuous pattern in suicides of high school girls. There’s no connection between any of them, mental problems, or even a note left one them. Though their friend, Mikaya seems to be out cold for a good portion of the film, and might have been involved with the case. The only thing that the girls have in common is being female, from a high school, and jumping off the same building.

Mostly, suicides are selfish attempts to get noticed, and if not to get noticed then to leave nothing but not be noticed. This would have justified a hint of confusion as to why the girls were doing it, since they didn’t have any connection, conspiracy, or medical problems. Something had to connect. Shiki actually takes interest in the case after some convincing with Tohko, and searches the area, and discovers what may lead to help the inspection. However she also discovers the uncontrolled numbers of deaths.

Continue to get into the details?

Every time she visits the site she experiences further information. You’d kind of wonder why she didn’t at least stay, but maybe the deaths kept happening just each night, and who has the time for that? Being too late the first time she only looks above the building to see a bunch of figures. She counts eight and assumes this may be the number to be expected to be killed.

Images from the film:

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