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The Garden Of Sinners – Theatrical Feature 1: Fukan Fukei

The Garden Of Sinners – Theatrical Feature 1: Fukan Fukei the anime theatrical series was something that I came across by accident, but intrigued me, so I thought I’d share it with our viewers. The first chapture, ‘Fukan Fukei,’ was made 2007, but the series itself is from a story from the internet. Getting into the gritty details.

Brush up on what you can expect from this anime is the many uses of metaphors. They’re non-stop, from use of a dream or a direct literal use. For those who don’t want to go ahead and look up the meaning, “Fukan Fukei,’ it means, “A view from above.” Another used of metaphors that are expressed visually through the beginning credits. A weary butterfly following an energetic dragonfly.

As they can use these symbolical images, or messages some might start to ponder if this anime is combined with action, fantasy, supernatural, or fable. It is. This is but one of a few of their episodes.

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