The Jedi Consular Companion Guide: Qyzen-Fess

The Jedi Consular Companion Guide: Qyzen-Fess

Qyzen has no interest in possessions, needing only his weapons and his tally of jagganath points; a score every Trandoshan must earn through honorable kills to appease their goddess, the Scorekeeper.

While most Trandoshans become guns-for-hire to earn their jagganath points, Qyzen chose a traditional path, hunting everything from sand demons to rancor beasts, and refusing to kill anything unworthy of his considerable skills. In his travels he has crossed paths with many other wanderers—criminals, Mandalorians, even Jedi Masters—making him slow to trust any stranger, but once he makes a friend Qyzen will defend them with his life.

Jedi Consular Qyzen Fess Companion Guide

Who and What is Qyzen-Fess? How does he help me?

Name: Qyzen-Fess

Companion’s Role: Melee Tank

Planet: Typhon

Crew Skills Bonus:  +15 Archaeology, +5 Biochem

Armor Class: Heavy Armor

Weapons: Electrostaff or Vibrosword (or only a technoblade see comments)

Primary Stat: Aim

Secondary Stat: Endurance


What Gifts should I give Qyzen-Fess to make him smile?

Qyzen-Fess’s favorite Gifts are Weapons and Trophys.




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