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The Sith Inquisitor Companion Guide: Khem Val

The Sith Inquisitor Companion Guide: Khem Val

Centuries ago, Khem Val was the proud servant of Tulak Hord, one of the greatest Dark Lords of the Sith to ever live. His people, the Dashade, thrived. A powerful species of Force-resistant killers, they drew strength from feeding on Jedi and Sith alike. Khem Val was called Shadow Killer and Devourer. As his master conquered, he feasted, and the unusual bond between the Sith Lord and the Shadow Killer grew stronger.

But that was centuries ago. The Dashade have all but disappeared from the galaxy, and the details of Khem Val’s legend have faded to formless, creeping fear. Deep in the tomb of Naga Sadow on Korriban, Khem Val sleeps, suspended in a stasis field guarded by crackling electric energy. No one knows how he got there, or how to wake him. Even the greatest Sith Lords do not dare try. For when he wakes, he is sure to be hungry….

Sith Inquisitor with Khem Val

Who and What is Khem Val? How does he help me?

Name: Khem Val

Companion’s Role: Melee Tank

Planet: Korriban

Crew Skills Bonus: +5 Research, +15 Artifice.

Armor Class: Heavy Armor

Weapons: Vibrosword, Shield Generator

Primary Stat: Strength

 Secondary Stat: Endurance

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What Gifts should I give Khem Val to make him smile?

Khem Val’s Favorite Gift is Weapons. (Didn’t see that coming?) He also loves Cultural Artifacts, followed by TrophiesTechnology, and Imperial Memorabilia

What Does Khem Val Like and Dislike?

In order to gain Affection from Khem Val, You have to think like Khem Val. What does Khem Val like, and what does he despise?

Khem Val Likes:

Khem Val loves killing Force Users, and so, if given the opportunity to Kill or Spare a Force User in your story, make sure to always kill them to gain Khem Val’s Affection!

Making foolish people unhappy (ie: Revanites), denying them their wishes, or just being downright mean to them is another way to make Khem Val think you’re a great master!

Khem Val loves strong, free willed individuals. Try showing Khem Val your true strength by choosing the strongest options. Break that door in half! Don’t open it up with that foolish pin-pad! That’s what Khem Val is thinking!

Khem Val Dislikes:

Don’t let those Force Users go! If you allow them to live, if you spare just one of them, Khem Val will be very unhappy with you!

Khem Val does NOT like pansy, scared, weak individuals! Do NOT show Khem Val weakness, or else Khem Val will NOT like you!! Khem Val wants a strong master, not a weak one! Any time that you’re given the option to take the easy, weak way out. Don’t choose it if you want Khem Val around!

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