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The Ultimate Cafe World Guide

Oh joy, the best game ever out there, Cafe World, also known as “HI, Farmville is old so let’s play the latest game to spam our friends with on our social networking sites because we need to show everyone how cool we are.” Well guess what, I’ve been playing it out of super boredom and am here to tell you what to do to get ahead of your friends so you don’t feel depressed because you can’t rub it into their face.

First, the design of your kitchen determines how fast food is sold. The faster food is sold then the faster the money goes into your pockets. Interestingly enough, that’s an important issue only early on. Later on, when you have more serving tables and waiters, then you’ll always be at 105 buzz rating and pushing it even without cheating.

Secondly, what you cook determines how many coins and how many cafe points you get for your time. The longer something takes to cook then the less you’ll level up off of it and often enough the less money you can get from it. The shorter the recipe the more you’ll get it. This makes playing the game a proactive thing to do in order to level up faster than others. On the flip side, it’s also boring and unfun. So it all depends on what you want to do.

Lastly, understand that you have to get the ball rolling to do ANYTHING with your cafe. Seriously, the first week is painful because you can’t earn money fast enough and you can’t gain XP fast enough. As you get more waiters, money, cafe size, etc. you begin to understand the joy of the game. Well, what there is of it.

So, how do you win Cafe World. It’s simple. REALLY simple. I’ve read 10000x from how to use Cheat Engine on Cafe World (to little to no success) to how to cheat and none of it worked. Really, except for a thing to max buzz rating BUT COME ON, you can max that yourself in half an hour of having the window open with food out.

Well, let’s assume you’re starting at square one. You’re in a crappy cafe, you just did the tutorial, and you need to start. First, begin by making hamburgers. Seriously, hamburgers. Do it for half an hour. Make ‘em, wait 5 minutes, come back, make some more. This will net you enough XP that you should be a few levels higher.

From here, you’re going to want to start planning your meals and expanding. To expand, open another browser (like open IE if you use FireFox) register some fake Facebook accounts, friend yourself with them, then invite yourself to be a neighbor. That will get your expanding going well.

This spreadsheet is the REAL ultimate guide. Sort by cafe points per hour OR profit per hour. Here you can learn what to cook with what time you want to bother on the game. Hamburgers, yes, hamburgers are the #1 food in profit and cafe points. Why? Because you gain points for cleaning the stove, for preparing, etc. which all adds up. The quicker to make foods often give you more, but it varies. Just use the list to search for something that gives you an actual bang for your time.

For instance, Overstuffed Peppers are the best thing for a 12 hour slot. Hamburgers or Chicken Gyros and Fries are best if you’re actively playing. If you’re not a high enough level, Strawberry Cheesecake is better than Pumpkin Pie. Pot Roast is awful for leveling up, but it does take 2 days of you not doing anything.

So there you have it. The biggest thing I can stress, THE BIGGEST THING, is that you need patience. Once the ball starts rolling then you’ll be rolling in the dough in NO time.

Now, one final thing, cheating at Cafe World.

There was an infinite stove cheat that I wasn’t around for, but it is fixed now. The only thing you can do to cheat is to get some kind of macro program like autoit or some other mouse recorder and record yourself making hamburgers or if you want to be more careful Gyros. Be sure to visit all of your friends and watch out for annoying popups. Go to sleep and wake up with a ton of XP you’d never gotten on your own.

Buzz Rating determines how many people come to your place and eat. You lose something like 1 rating for a customer who waits too long and gain like .05 for a happy customer or something. I don’t know, anyway, use the below server trick to make sure your people are always fed or keep the counters and tables close. Have A LOT of tables too. Like I said earlier, if you’re cash strapped then you’re going to be sucking for a bit until you get good enough that you can make tons of cash fast.

That or you can give Zynga your IRL cash and just make a super big awesome cafe with nothing to do in it.

Welp, that’s it for Cafe World. Seriously. Oh, OH, one last cheat.

If your servers are trapped and can’t reach a table then they’ll instantly serve that table. HOWEVER, the table must otherwise be accessible (there must be a spot on the table for the server to reach to). A good way to do this is to take your counters and box the server in the corner. You can also not cheat and just have all the tables circle the counters.

If you face the stoves away from the cook then the cook will instantly cook too.

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